Electrostimulation and amateur sports 02

In the non-professional sphere, sometimes the lack of time to perform training specifically aimed at increasing strength can limit performance improvement even from a technical point of view.

With the use of an electro-stimulator, strength training sessions can be organised even at times of the day when it would be difficult to fit in technical or gym training.

At the end of the working day, you can think about dedicating 40 or 45 minutes to an electro-stimulation session in the comfort of your own home, without sacrificing technical training or taking time away from other activities and interests. Already a couple of electrostimulation sessions per week on the muscular areas mainly affected by the practised sport can produce satisfactory results. The thing to bear in mind is that even this training method needs a certain amount of consistency to achieve results and stabilise them. Generally speaking, two sessions per week for a total of five weeks, i.e. 10 sessions in total, can be considered as a valid cycle of work on a specific target.

A further advantageous aspect of electrostimulation and its use by non-professional athletes is that it can be used effectively as an aid to core stability (useful for improving proprioception and tone of the core) by acting on the abdominal muscles. We know how good stability of the abdominal muscles is useful for improving sports performance, but also how it acts as support for the muscles of the spine by reducing the onset of lower back pain.

Clearly in the presence of specific problems, electrostimulation alone used for strengthening the abdominals is not sufficient to solve the problem, but it can serve as a valuable support for other activities. In addition, there are also specific pain-reduction programmes that can be useful precisely in these situations; medical support is always recommended in order to be able to intervene correctly and without neglecting the alarm signal given by the pain, which must be listened to and understood in order to optimally treat the primary cause and not just the symptom.

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