“WEPERE marks the beginning of a new era for sport.
A new player enters and the playing field will no longer be the same.
The new wave is the change that promotes, protects and supports physical, sporting and professional movement.”

WEPERE is the new sports division of I.A.C.E.R. Srl, a leading company in the design and development of electromedical devices for home and occupational therapy of chronic pain, with 1 million active devices sold in the last 10 years and programs selected and implemented in collaboration with hospitals and universities.

WEPERE’s mission is marked in its name: to promote Wellness, the psycho-physical well-being of athletes and not only, to enhance Performance, to achieve ever greater results, and to support Recovery, helping to recover more quickly after training or competition or following injuries.

The new devices meet the needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are looking for an easy and convenient solution to support the maintenance of physical fitness and a high level of performance: sequential compression accelerates muscle recovery and drains fluids; ultrasound works on muscle contractures and tendon or joint problems, as well as aesthetic ones; electrostimulation tones muscles and reduces pain; and magnetotherapy is effective for muscle inflammation and bone disorders.