Electrostimulation and amateur sports 01

In the context of amateur sports, electrostimulation can be a valuable ally in achieving satisfactory results in a short time.

The non-professional sportsman usually devotes himself mainly to technical training and competition, neglecting the muscle-strengthening aspects, which are indispensable for raising the level of performance. Simply by integrating a small number of electrostimulation sessions into the weekly training programme, the strength of the muscle districts most involved in the sport practised can be increased in a short time, with a positive impact on performance levels.

For example, for a tennis player, strength work on the lower limbs, especially the quadriceps femoris, can significantly increase the force required for the rapid movements required by this sport, resulting in improved performance on the pitch.

In jumping sports such as volleyball and basketball, specific training, such as thigh muscle training, can help to significantly increase jumping height, which can easily be utilised on the pitch.

Even endurance sports such as running and cycling can achieve great results from strengthening the leg muscles. Particularly in those sports where the entire extensor musculature of the lower limbs plays a fundamental role, one can focus on the districts that suffer most from fatigue during training or competition. The calf, for example, is a muscle that can develop a lot of strength, but often tends to suffer during endurance activities. By dedicating a little time to targeted work with electrostimulation, without sacrificing training time, noticeable improvements in both performance and comfort can be observed in the short term, particularly over long distances. Doing it immediately before, or the day before a technical training session, ensures that the Central Nervous System processes the strength aspects you have worked on: this allows you to optimise the effectiveness of electrostimulation in terms of coordination as well.

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