The pressure, which is good for the sport, arrives at the Idroscalo in Milan

1800 attendees at Milan’s Idroscalo over the two days for the most anticipated triathlon celebration.

The Deejay Tri from the start presented itself as an excellent opportunity for Wepere, for the visibility of Radio Deejay and for the involvement of our ambassador Daniel Fontana, who represents an example and a reference in the triathlon world for many athletes.

At the beginning of the event, the speakers gave WEPERE a voice, allowing them to introduce themselves to everyone in attendance-even online-with live IG, and they had WEPERE take the stage before Saturday’s awards ceremony to talk once again about the importance of recovery and the devices that can be used to best support it.

There were many visits to the booth, and after the races, WEPERE became a meeting and exchange point, as well as a place to recover from fatigue after the supersprint, sprint and Olympic feats.

Very positive feedback about the product and especially the price/value relationship that EVERYONE imagined otherwise.

All this gave value and credibility to the WEPERE brand!

See you next year again!

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