Venice Marathon 2021

WEPERE is Official Medical Supplier of the restart edition.

The debut of the new sports division of I.A.C.E.R. Srl, a leading Venetian company in the development of electro-medical equipment, in its city of origin could not be better: the 35th edition of this event celebrates the 1,600th anniversary of the founding of Venice, to which the T-shirt of the race has been dedicated. This is a competition recognised worldwide by the IAAF – World Athletics over the Olympic distance of 42.195 km, starting from Villa Pisani in Stra and ending at the Giardini della Biennale. Our team was present both at the ExpoVillage on the two days prior to the Marathon and at the finish line to let visitors and the more than 600 athletes experience the benefits of the ARYA treatment. ARYA has proven to be ideal for the muscular recovery of the legs after intense activity such as a marathon: its draining effect speeds up the clearance of lactic acid, the most feared enemy of runners, and toxins, which cause soreness and fatigue. Once the leggings were off, someone felt ready to run another marathon!

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