Electrostimulation and professional sports

In professional sports, electrostimulation is used for various purposes, ranging from muscle strengthening, to recovery from fatigue, or after injuries.

1. To support athletic preparation

In the weekly calendar of professional sportsmen and women, muscular strengthening sessions are consistently scheduled in which – with various techniques and precise overload management – the aim is to increase or maintain the athletes’ performance level during the different phases of the season.

Why is it useful to supplement traditional training with electrostimulation?

This technique acts extremely precisely on individual muscle sections, as well as selectively on strength, explosive strength or endurance characteristics.

Thus it becomes an irreplaceable support when one has to work specifically on certain muscle districts, for example when these are deficient, or when the aim is to work monolaterally, due to previous problematic conditions.

In addition, the use of an electro-stimulator makes it possible to increase the level of performance in a short time by avoiding the long fatigue phase typical of traditional reinforcement methods, and thus without the need to plan the corresponding recovery.

2. For more effective and faster muscle recovery

Professional sports today require a large number of performances at the highest level and often within short intervals of each other, which does not leave the body sufficient time for complete and optimal recovery.

For this reason, top-level teams have professionals on hand to best support athletes in the recovery phase, using traditional manual techniques, along with physical therapies of various types, to optimise results.

In this context, electrostimulation plays a very important role because:

  • it improves peripheral vascularisation and drainage of muscle catabolites after physical exertion, reducing the feeling of fatigue and heaviness;
  • it reduces antalgic contractures, relaxing the muscles;
  • it prevents the onset of cramps and muscle pain.

Combined with manual massage, it makes recovery more effective and faster.

3. To speed up post-injury recovery

Injuries are a big inconvenience, especially at professional level: it is imperative to get back in shape as soon as possible.

When it comes to minor injuries, they can be resolved effectively in a short time, using the right tools, depending on the nature of the injury.

In addition to this, it becomes strategic to be able to maintain the strength level of the muscles in the injured areas: the advantage is that, once recovered, the athlete is in a physical condition that allows him or her to regain the pre-injury performance level in a very short time.

Electrostimulation is useful precisely for this purpose: to work on muscle tone without mechanically overloading injured structures. This is possible due to the specificity of the stimulation, which allows you to selectively choose the muscle groups you want to train.

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