“Proper recovery is crucial not only post-competition, but also after training. To prevent injuries and to carry as much of the weekly load as possible.” (Daniel Fontana).

Extra nourishment for your muscles.

After intense physical exertion, your muscles need to receive oxygen and nutrients and eliminate toxins and excess fluid. In order to restore their optimal state and to better face the next performance. Full recovery improves performance and reduces the risk of cramps and injuries.

Recover faster from injuries.

Contractures, bruising or fatigue in tendons and ligaments. Get right back into training with a few ultrasound sessions. Whenever and wherever you want.

Fractures, joint pain and inflammation. Promote the recovery process with magnetotherapy.

Don't let injuries stop you.

When you cannot train, electrostimulation helps you maintain muscle tone. It selectively trains the muscles, avoiding overloading injured structures.

Manage pain.

Thanks to the rapid antalgic effect of electrostimulation, you reduce pauses and get back to training faster.

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